Let’s be honest. There are literally thousands of photographers across the country. That means you’ll always have a huge choice when it comes to booking your family photo shoot.

So why bother with Bumpkins?

You decide!


Choice 1 - Work with local people

- Yes, the journey will be easier to travel to from your home but does easier always mean better?


Choice 2 - Work with expert people (Bumpkins, of course!)

- Is it worth travelling a little further for peace of mind?

- Is choosing London’s dedicated baby experts important to you?

- Chosen partners of The Baby Show for the 8th year running, does that mean we can be trusted?

- Is a team with bundles of energy worth you travelling a little further?

- If value for money is important, is that worth your extra journey time?

- Why have over 8,500 happy families travelled from across the land to visit Bumpkins?

- Are you looking for an average photo shoot for the sake of it, or do you really want photos you can be genuinely proud of?

The reason we're raising this point is that we’ve witnessed first hand the potential downside of settling for the local option. We’ve met so many families over the years that have said something along the lines of:

“We wish we’d heard about you first, we went local and we were disappointed.”

“We were promised x and y from our local photographer and they were over priced and the photos weren’t half as good as yours.”

“We’ve been to other studios but the pressure to buy was so high and they didn’t even show us the prices before we booked.  It’s great you share your prices before we even buy a voucher.”

At Bumpkins we’re not saying we’re 100% perfect, what company is?

We’re always looking to see how we can improve. Our reputation is everything to us, so we're not about taking shortcuts. We’ve learned what’s important to parents and we make sure we focus on that. It’s our passion and pride that lets us shine and sets us apart from many others. We can tell you that hundreds of families every year think we’re pretty good at what we do and they have little hesitation recommending us.

Take a leap of faith and book with Bumpkins and you’ll see what the fuss is all about.

To find out more, simply call us on 020 8743 4846 or email info@bumpkinbabies.com

We'd love to help!