Perhaps the biggest challenge we have is summing up (quickly) why you should book with us.

Understand our simple Bumpkins M.A.T.E.S. philosophy and it will all make sense:


From your time in the studio to the photos you’ll leave with, you’ll cherish making these memories forever – that’s a fact


It’s true when you meet our friendly team and are blown away by your photos on the big screen, you really will be amazed


Proud Baby Show partners for over 8 years and with over 8,500 very happy families to date, you really can trust that we are the experts


Enjoy quality family time and escape for a well-deserved break. Life is flashing by so make time for the special moments


Every week happy customers recommend us which means we can pass on big savings to you, always keeping our pricing realistic and affordable

The truth is until you experience our magic, you’ll never really know what you’ve been missing out on.

To find out more, simply call us on 020 8743 4846 or email info@bumpkinbabies.com

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