Thanks for visiting our site. Our West London photography studio specialises in professional and fun photo shoots for babies, kids, families and groups. Since starting out in 2008, we’re proud to have impressed over 8,500 happy families winning their respect, loyalty and praise. We're definitely not shy when it comes to hard work.

When we started out, Bumpkins was literally a building site and we've watched our baby grow. Today, families travel from across the country to experience our state of the art studio. Best of all, they have a cracking time creating memories for life at Bumpkins.

We pride ourselves in being an honest and transparent company that puts 100% into everything we do. We’re known for our light hearted and fun packed photo shoots and we love watching families smile and impressing them with our skills. We think newborn babies are very cute, but here at Bumpkins we specialise in photographing babies from about 4 months upwards. At this age your little one is more responsive and can really enjoy the photo shoot.

We’ve gained a reputation for creating incredible baby and family images and we’d like to genuinely thank each and every family that’s given us the opportunity to impress them. Your faith in our work means the world to us!

The amount of recommendations we get today really is incredible, it makes us proud. It’s a privilege being responsible for bringing so many families together over the years. We’re on a mission to continue to surprise and excite families every week. We've made some great friends over the years and we look forward to meeting more people every week.

Just know that we’re grateful for this opportunity, we respect it and we won’t let you down!

To find out more, simply call us on 020 8743 4846 or email info@bumpkinbabies.com

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